In reality, we all look the same.  How can you expect your prospective customers to pick you when they see no obvious difference between you and your competitor?

  • “Strawberries are strawberries, right.  I’ll look for the store with the lowest price.”
  • “All plumbers are basically the same.  I wonder who’s the cheapest in town?”
  • “There’s a mechanic on every corner in this town.  I’ll call around for who can do it for less.”

oh . . . not to leave us out . . .

  • “I just need someone to help me understand social media marketing.  I’ll search online and pick the first one I see on Page 1 of Google.”

It happens to all of us.  In one sense of another, we’re all a commodity. (By the way, Wikipedia defines commodity:  “A commodity is some good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market.”)

Nancy Beth Guptill, one of my fellow Duct Tape Marketing coaches located in Canada, shares this insightful article, drawing on John Jantsch’s ideas that “every business is a commodity business.”  Differentiation is the key to winning this battle.

Scott Ginsberg also relates “How to sell a commodity and still win.”  Great practical ideas from the guy with who wears a Nametag everywhere he goes (now, that’s different)!