In the business of referral marketing, I know there are many ways to get referrals.  Before I share with you 2 practical strategies, let’s first examine a definition of marketing, as described by John Jantsch, in his best-selling book on the topic, “The Referral Engine.”  John suggests a flow in the marketing definition that creates a natural occurence of referrals (but one not without specific efforts and strategies).  Let’s consider this definition of marketing:

Getting people with a specific need to know, like and trust you.

When they trust you, they REPEAT and REFER!

When you hand over $20 bucks to a guy selling chicken-of-the-month club subscriptions, you make a transaction.  You’re not an immediate loyal ambassador.  You continue your subscription (repeat) because you like the quality of the product that comes to your door every 1st Tuesday 12x a year.  And when the ease of that product, the great taste and the price converge together over time, you are more willing to stick your neck out and tell your friends how much you love it (refer).

Don’t assume that just because you fix a cavity, repair their brakes, serve a great meal or design their (hair, cabinets, website) just right that your customers will repeat and refer.  Cultivate the relationship and make it work for you.

1. Cultivate A Network of Endless Referrals – speaking of cultivating, Bob Burg shares a brilliant article on getting more referrals.  Bob is one of the gurus of referral marketing, so read and take note!

2. Build your Referral System INTO the TRANSACTION – David Frey of Small Business Marketing Best Practices shares his strategy on how to get more referrals.

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