What business doesn’t love WORD OF MOUTH referrals!  It remains the #1 source for most businesses and probably preferred because it is significantly less expensive than paid advertising.  But it’s not FREE.

Actually, it’s what we call “earned” – if it is “free” the connotation is that you did nothing to get the referral.  But if you give yourself credit for installing a systematic approach to referral marketing, and following through with intentionality, then sit back and say, “thank you for that referral – I earned it!”

Andy Sernovitz, founder of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and author of WOM Marketing: How Smart People Get People Talking”, visits with John Jantsch on a recent podcast all about referrals in recognition of “Make A Referral Week” (going on now!)

Have you made your referrals this week?